Peer-to-peer Lending Simplified

Solid Returns
Low Volatility
Monthly Cash Flow
Diversification improves returns

Simplicity, Automation and Transparency for all your
peer-to-peer investments across platforms

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Why invest with peer-to-peer lending?

Over $250 Billion invested in P2P lending

Peer-to-peer lending provides solid returns with monthly cash flow.

Your investment goes is directly to a businesses or people and
their monthly payments go directly back to your account.

Investment Diversification

  - Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds
  - There are many asset classes within Peer-to-Peer
  - Link charitable donations to your profits

What do you Invest for?

Peer-to-peer lending provides solid, stable profits from socially responsible investments.

Why P2P Lending?

It is a stable alternative to other forms of income investment.

Who Can Invest?

Almost anyone

Each platform has restrictions primarily by your location.

How it Works


Link Accounts

Link your existing lending accounts, or create accounts for the platforms you will invest in


Select Risk Profile

Set your Auto Lending preferences, then the Bots will invest for you


Watch Returns

Consistent returns and re-investment will start in after the first month!

SofiBot will get you there

We simplify all of your investing in Social Finance

Investing in many types of social finance with a single strategy allows you to do good and earn money without the need to go to multiple sites. Once place to lend to all just like you do with market investments.

Its Easy

Create sophisticated investment rules in a few clicks

One Stop

Manage and monitor you investment from a single place

Manual Investing

Some or all of your investments can be made manually with you selecting each loan to invest in.


SofiBot is free for the first 3 months, then only $5 a month for single bot or $10 for multiple


SofiBot is continuously re-investing loan proceeds to keep your portfolio fully invested for the best returns


All Expected returns and activity of SofiBot are available to review at any time

Automatic Investing with Bots

Automatic Investing keeps your money invested

Bots work continuously to take the proceeds you receive from monthly payments and re-invest them as quickly as possible. Manual re-investment looses investment time and takes huge effort.

Auto Investing

Set up your investment rules and risk, then relax and the bots invests for you.

Earn More, Work Less

Auto Re-investment keeps your money invested everyday, maximizing returns and saving your time.

Invest with Bots

Focus each bot in a different platform or different risk set

Multi-portfolio Investing

Multiple Bots for Multiple portfolios can invest for you with different strategies.